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Imagine relaxing on your back porch during summer, sipping lemonade while seated on your favorite rocking adirondack chair and listening to your favorite music. The sight of your children playing around the porch as you watch from this cozy chair is worth relishing too. Whatever the situation, one thing stands out – the adirondack chairs are a great investment.

Everyone wants to reside in a home that draws admiration from visitors, neighbors, not forgetting its inhabitants. Do not focus your efforts on the interior and overlook the exterior where most people actually see. In addition to having your yard landscaped and outer walls painted regularly, you can also adirondack-benchadd unique furniture such as our custom wooden adirondack chairs.

Why Adirondack Chairs?

Adirondack chairs are beautiful and they capture the eye of any passerby instantly. The chairs can also be personalized to match your tastes and preferences. Lawn chairs might seem like a cheap and popular option. Unfortunately, that’s how their description goes. With time, the elements take their toll and they look unpleasant. Our adirondack chairs for sale are wooden-made, a material that lasts and can be easily customized. Home exterior designers highly recommend these chairs as a great complement for the exterior of any home.

Quality Guarantees

You cannot compare our chairs to metal or plastic outdoor furniture where repairs can be a little more involving. Actually, when these materials incur serious damage, they are beyond repair. We only select the best wooden components for our adirondack chairs. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on the Adirondack Chairs.

We can meet Bulk Order Purchases

Over the years we have been supplying resorts and hotels with beautiful outdoor furniture. As much as we love producing chairs for people’s homes, we can also meet large institutional orders within time. Our adirondack chair sales cover both domestic and overseas orders.

Handcrafted Craftsmanship

A lot of attention is given to intricate details when handcrafted. This ensures that there is no compromise on the quality of any of our Adirondack chairs.

rockin-adirondckOur Rich Legacy

Being a proud producer of wood adirondack chairs over the years we have a tried, tested and proven market brand. We pride ourselves in being able to satisfy our clients with chairs that are tailored according to their specifications

What makes the Adirondack chairs Unique?

They are Weatherproof

No matter where you reside, you must always factor in the climatic conditions when planning out your exterior decor. Unfortunately, most of the exterior feature options available such as tables and chairs have to be brought back inside when it’s raining. If left exposed to the elements, they get damaged pretty fast. With our all-weather adirondack chairs, you are assured of durable and attractive furniture.

All Adirondack chairs are handcrafted

With increased standardization of output, it’s hard to come across handcrafted furniture these days. This is what makes the adirondack chairs an exceptional gift or household furniture piece. The level of craftsmanship that goes into it’s design and make is incredible.

We have been producing them for decades so we possess all the knowledge and expertise of creating adirondack chairs. Our legacy is impeccable and the quality of our workmanship is evident.

Require Low Maintenance

Unlike most outdoor furniture options which require a certain amount of care to ensure that do not get damaged, adirondack chairs is easy to care for. During their production we use protective sealant layer coats the chair safeguarding the wood from exposure to the outside elements. With such protection, our adirondack chairs will last for years.

Several Variety of Options Available

Our chairs come in different styles and looks, so you can pick which option perfectly suits you. Options available are:

  • Lounge chairs
  • Adirondack ottoman
  • Porch & garden  – Whether it’s for the entire family or a simple classic porch swing, it will be perfect for curling up with a cool beverage in hand.
  • Patio sets – Only the finest from Adirondack Chair Company.
  • Kids Adirondack Chairs
  • Tall Adirondack Chairs
  • Custom Order Adirondack Chairs

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